3 Sure Fire Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Let’s face it, in this day and age if you can’t Google it, it doesn’t exist. What’s worse is that if you aren’t on the first page of those Google results, it’s almost the same as being invisible. So how do you get the all mighty oracle to notice you and give you a prominent display? There have been volumes and volumes written about this very thing, which can be really overwhelming. Today, I am going to give you three easy tips to help you improve your search engine ranking. While, I can’t guarantee that these tips will get you to the top in a hurry, implementing these practices will be a step in the right direction.

1. Use Metadata: Metadata is a part of the underlying structure of your website; in essence it is a little label that tells the search engine bots exactly what is in your website. Google and other search engines basically work by matching the keyword a user enters against the keywords of a website (it’s a lot more complicated and a lot more goes into it, but this is at its very heart). By utilizing metadata you are telling the search engine bot up front what the key words are on your site so that it can more easily match your information to end user queries.

2. Have Quality Content: In their never ending quest to return to you relevant search results, search engines have started to take the quality of what is on your website into consideration when ranking search results. There is a lot that goes into judging a websites content but it comes down to just a few essential things:
a. Make sure that your content matches your keywords. Don’t try the whole bait and switch thing; it’s both unethical and likely to get ignored by search engines.
b. Have good writing. While Google can’t tell if your content writer is Shakespeare, it can tell if sentences are complete and if you are using a high density of keywords to try and game the system. Write in clear concise English, and don’t try to stuff in too many keywords, interesting content will serve you a lot better in search engine results and is likely to get you shared.
c. Make sure everything works. Check your links, use your shopping cart, and in general periodically just be consumer on your site. When search engines sweep through your page to index it, they check these things. Pages with broken components have lower ranking.
d. Update your content frequently. Search engine algorithms take into account when the last time you updated when calculating your rank. Add new blogs, freshen up your pages, and update time sensitive content on a regular basis.

3. Get Social: Many studies show that consumers are more likely purchase a product that was recommended to them by a friend than they would be if it they saw it in an advertisement. Participating in social media can help you get into the conversation instead of just broadcasting messages at people. However, even if you don’t feel a social media account is right for your business, making your content easily shared will help you get traction in the social sphere without you maintaining a gazillion social media accounts. Its simple, just download (from any number of sources) the tool bars that let people share with their favorite networks directly from your page. I would recommend Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at bare minimum. You should be aware though that there are many other really popular social media networks. Do your research on what social media your market is using and provide easy sharing options for those specific platforms.

The task of improving your search engine rankings can be daunting, and while there are some things that are easy to improve on your own, it is worth looking into consulting with a professional. They have the advantage of being able to take a step back and evaluate your site more objectively. In addition, they have specialized tools and an intimate knowledge of Search Engine Optimization methods at their finger tips. If you are interested in getting help optimizing your website, Nourtek Solutions can help. Contact us today!

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