4 Information Security Measures You Can’t Live Without

Customers provide you with sensitive information on a daily basis, and trust that you will protect that information.   That trust is essential in the marketplace, and without it any business would quickly go under.  That is why information security is so critical in today’s business environment.   However, many small business owners, find themselves struggling with what information security measures to implement, and which ones are overkill.   In this blog, I will outline four security features that are must have for any business.  These are things business owners should look at before implementing any homegrown solutions, and employing any tech company or purchasing any software, especially cloud based solutions.

  1. Secure Socket Layers: When a person fills out information on your website and submits, they have to send the information from their computer to yours.  During this transit period their information is especially vulnerable.  Secure Socket Layers is a type of encryption for data in transit.  You can either use the SSL provided by your web host or add an extra layer of security by implementing your own SSL certificate.  Either way, many people look for evidence of an SSL certificate before submitting information on your site.
  2. Encrypt Data on Servers: Even the best security measures sometimes fail.  If you deal with sensitive data on any kind of regular basis, encrypting your data even when it is sitting still on your servers is good way to protect your customers’ privacy.   You can purchase data encryption options from your server provider or there are software programs that will encrypt data for you.  Bear in mind, it is not necessary to encrypt all of your data, just sensitive information like credit cards and customer addresses.  A professional consultant can help you come up with a plan that protects data to limit your liability and protects your customer’s privacy.
  3. Have a Strong Firewall:  A strong firewall is your best defense against hackers.  It is a type of software designed to keep people from hacking into your network.  Without a firewall you are vulnerable to people coming in and stealing information from your network.  In addition, particularly malicious virus can also destroy your computer hardware and shut your business down for hours or days.
  4. Enforce a Robust Information Security Policy:  While you can purchase the best encryption software and firewalls on the market, there is no substitute for cautious online behavior.  To protect your information, craft an internet policy that limits employee computer use to job specific functions only.  This includes limiting social media use and downloads.  Furthermore, it is critical to require at employees change passwords at regular intervals to protect your systems against opportunistic hackers.

With the ease of doing business online, comes the risks associated with easy information change.  There are many who seek to take advantage of those risks.  It is critical to you as business owner to protect yourself and your customers as much as possible.   To fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your network, it is best to consult with a professional.  They will help you test for weaknesses and can make recommendations to strengthen your network.  If you are interested in a threat assessment, you can contact Nourtek Solutions today!

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