Extreme Makeover: Website Edition- A Study in Website Redesign

The State Bank of Texas (SBOT) is an Irving, Texas based, family run bank, with national influence.  Their influence and expertise in hospitality lending is unparalleled.  However, as their business and prominence grew, they found that their dated website was not consistent with their image and did not offer all of the features that they wanted to offer their customers.  They contacted Nourtek Solutions help them create a website that was consistent with their brand and position as national player in the hospitality lending industry.

The Challenge

The original State Bank of Texas website was made to serve as a place where potential client could come and learn a bit more about them as potential vendors.  Their website did just that and little more.  On top of that their original website was designed several years ago before and so the design its self was dated and their ability to make changes on their own was very limited.  In their new design they wanted the following abilities:

-          A modernized look and feel for their design

-          The ability to submit loan applications online

-          Access to online banking systems for all customers

-          Updated content that gave a fuller picture of their history and services

-          Mobile accessibility

-          The ability to modify most content easily and effectively.

The Solution

After meeting with the executive team at the State Bank of Texas, the team at Nourtek Solutions went to work creating modern website that would meet their customer’s need.  The first step was to create an updated user interface.  This entailed a cosmetic redesign that emphasized important content by using large buttons and small amounts of content on the home page.  Another way that key content was emphasized was by providing drop down menus on the home page that allowed users to get to exactly the content that they need, quickly and easily.  On sub-pages a tabbed architecture was used, that broke content up into more readable chunks.  This new design was built on a custom designed website management platform that allows SBOT to make updates to their pages as needed without third party assistance.



Next, was creating an online loan application, which allowed customers the convenience of applying online while still allowing the bankers at SBOT to continue in the personal level of service that has become their hallmark.  In order to do this, SBOT provided Nourtek with all of the paper based applications that they have been using and developers created web based forms that would be automatically submitted to SBOT’s bankers for review and contact.  For customers who were uncomfortable using the online submission process, the website still provides a forms page where they can print off paper applications and submit them directly to SBOT.  This process allows for bankers to maintain personal relationships with each borrower and help create deals that meet needs, which a more automated system might not be able to handle.

With the major design and technical components in place, next was reorganizing the site, so that content was grouped together more logically, and provided a more user friendly interface.  For instance, since the primary focus of SBOT’s lending program, a separate tab was created to specifically focus on that.  In addition to reorganizing content much of it was updated and re-written, to ensure it was accurate and provided adequate information to potential customers.  This included the about us section which was updated to provide a more detailed and personalized history of the bank and its founder.  The content reorganization and expansion helped SBOT define its brand and play up its status as a family run bank.  Since, much of their reputation is built on personalized service, it was important to them to display the faces that make the business run.

Once the website was re-built, the website underwent rigorous testing, both from Nourtek developers and from end users at SBOT.  This testing revealed a few bugs that needed to be fixed, as is the case with any website development.  However, issues were quickly dealt with and the website was ready for launch! As the final launch was prepared, staff at Nourtek solutions trained the web masters at SBOT in use of their website management tools.  Staff trained and website tested, it was time for launch and it went flawlessly.  To see the new State Bank of Texas website, go to www.statebnk.com!

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