From Vision to Reality: How a Tech Consultant Can Help Turn a Dream Into a Business

You’re sitting at Barnes and Noble with a vaguely familiar book in your hand wondering if you already have this one.  But, with such an extensive collection, you simply can’t remember.  You’ve used Good Reads, but it really doesn’t help you in all of the ways you need it to.  And you wonder, “what if there was an app that helped me manage my personal library and reading lists?” You do your research on the product, come up with a list of ideal features, and you’re eager to get started on this road, but suddenly you’re stuck.    Developing an application and marketing it are an expensive process, and you don’t even know what steps to take.  You don’t want to be just another failed entrepreneur with a good idea that died on the junk heap, because you didn’t have the experience and know how to bring your vision to fruition.  So where do you turn.  This is a good time to find an industry consultant to help you figure out your next steps and how to go about raising money to get to the next step of the process.

At Nourtek Solutions, we specialize in taking a fledgling vision and developing into a product that people need and want.  Part of our mission is to help other budding entrepreneurs make that leap from a good idea, to a stellar invention that changes the world.  Working with an established technical consultant who has experience in the tech industry gives you an opportunity to learn the ropes with a professional who already knows what it takes to succeed.   Nourtek consultants can help you:

  1. Understand the practical implications and applications of your plan:  If you aren’t a programming expert, the amount of work and cost that goes into an app might surprise you.  A technical consultant can help you figure out if it is possible to do what you are proposing, and if so what the broader applications might be beyond your original vision.
  2. Figure out what’s next: The place where many budding entrepreneurs and inventors get stuck is getting past the idea stage to the practical steps to move into production.  How do you raise money? Do I need a patent? When should I apply for one?  And so on.  A consultant can help you create a roadmap to your success including all of the steps along the way.
  3. Understand the fundraising landscape: You have a great idea, but you need investors to get the project off the ground.  Should you crowdsource your fundraising or go to individual investors? If you choose crowdsourcing, which platform? How do you market your funding campaign.  As experts in business development, Nourtek can help you understand how to get your project funded.
  4. Building the mock-ups and actual application:  A good technical consultant can help you from beginning to end including helping you create the mock-ups to present to potential investors and even help with building, testing, and launching the application for you.

Does it sound like you might need a little help?  Nourtek’s consultants can provide you with the guidance you need to move your new project in the right direction.  Contact us today!


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