Getting the Most Out of QuickBooks Online: Using Third Party Tools


For years now, QuickBooks has been the go to accounting software of choice for up and coming small businesses.  This comprehensive accounting software can help you manage the financial aspects of your business including, tracking expenses and receipts, keeping up with payroll, and managing tax information.  One of the major limitations with QuickBooks was that you were tied to doing your accounting on whichever computer you had the software on.  However, the developers at Intuit have solved this limitation with the QuickBooks Online edition.  The online edition has all of the features you have come to expect from the QuickBooks line of products, with the added flexibility of doing your accounting on the cloud.  Now you can access a real time version of your books wherever you are.  For instance, if you have a booth at a trade show you can log any expenses you incurred as well as your sales from your cell phone without ever having to return to your office.

With the proliferation of software solutions for business, you are likely using many kinds of software to manage different aspects of your business, such as supply chain management, payroll, banking, etc.  As a result of these different systems businesses develop a lot of manual processes to collect all of this data in one place.  Even when you adopt a solution like QuickBooks you have to do some manual entry across systems.  However, Intuit has anticipated this problem and given two fixes.  First is some applications that can be added on to their existing product.  These solutions help you pull information from other systems into QuickBooks, in order to update your accounting information. 

However, QuickBooks does not have applications for all of the possible needs.  Instead, they provide a software development kit so that development companies like Nourtek solutions can leverage their creativity to create tools tailored to the needs of specific businesses.  Each business has unique needs, which is why an out of the box solution like QuickBooks (even the online edition) can require a little tweaking to meet the needs of an individual business.  With the help of a developer, you can integrate your software systems and create tools that will simplify the management of your business.  While this might seem like an expensive solution, the development of tools to streamline process can be very cost efficient.  Furthermore, the amount of money you save in staff hours usually pays for the cost of developing over and over. 

So what kind of tools are we talking about?  Let’s take the example of a company that sells its products online as well as in store.  For that business to flourish, the owner decided that it needed a supply chain management software, that would keep track of customer orders, ship items, replenish supplies automatically, and take care of payments.  Currently, they have QuickBooks, but they don’t have a good way to automatically transfer the purchasing data from their supply chain management program into their QuickBooks to manage the accounting portion of their business.  So they print reports from the supply chain management system and spend a couple of hours inputting that data into QuickBooks, so that they can balance their finances.  However, as business picks up the volume of sales begins to make it impossible to manage this.  Does the business owner have to hire someone just to keep track of the books?  No, instead they can contract with a developer like Nourtek Solutions, to create a program that will allow QuickBooks and their supply chain management software to speak directly to each other.  Now, instead of having to manually enter that information, QuickBooks can pull it in automatically.  Not only does the business owner save himself hours of time, that he can use to see to other critical tasks, but he has also eliminated potential costly errors caused by the manual process.

This is only one example of how third party integrations can be used with QuickBooks.  Other examples include personnel management, vendor management, shipping applications.  The only limit really is the imagination of the developer and their clients.  To learn more about how Nourtek Solutions can help you develop a third party application to supercharge your use of QuickBooks contact us today!

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