Corporate Security


Because Top of the Line Security Matters

The internet has proved more than ever before that knowledge is power.  In business, this truth is even more important to understand.  The information stored on your terminals and server are the life blood of your company and if the systems are compromised allowing information to leak out, it could prove deadly to your enterprise.  Nourtek Solutions understands that protecting your information, whether it be from loss due to disaster or equipment failure or inadvertent disclosures, is not just an issue of protecting proprietary information, but also an issue of civil and criminal liability.  That is why we offer our managed Corporate Security Services.  Our services include data storage, featuring high level encryption of data stored in the database as well data being transmitted between systems.  We only partner with industry leaders ensuring that you will have highest levels of network security including the best in the business in firewalls and 24/7 monitoring systems to ensure your data is secure at all times.  Your servers are housed in state of the art data centers that require the highest level of security to gain physical access to the server.  In addition, these data centers are dedicated to providing redundancy and disaster recovery strategies that ensure that no single point of failure can spell doom for your business.

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