Network Services


Increase the Stability of Your Network

Whatever the size of your company, unplanned downtime results in significant loss of revenue. When your network goes down, employees are placed on hold, unable to use critical resources to serve customers.

If your IT staff are:

  • Stretched just to keep your network running
  • Not able to find the time to take a proactive approach to critical network performance monitoring let alone contributing to what makes the business money.


Unplanned downtime is going to occur. NourTek is the answer for any organisation that needs to increase the stability of its network. NourTek provides a range of network services, which guarantee no single point of failure within your network. When a problem arises the failover incorporated within the solution ensures your network is fixed before you are aware that a problem existed.

Combining our network and data centre infrastructure and complemented by our security products and services, the following network services are available:

  • Load Balancing
  • WAN
  • LAN
  • Internet Access
  • Local Loop
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