Product Spotlight: Wrap Portal

In the Beginning…

Like many industries, OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) Administration began with a series of manual administrative processes.  People would fill out forms and deliver them to the administrator.  That administrator then had to do the data entry on the form, determine if it was complete, perform the requested action, and then file the form.  The time required for one or even two or three people to do this was astronomical and it resulted in delays for OCIP/CCIP projects as necessary insurance and permit documents took forever to complete.  As the digital age progressed some digital elements have been introduced into this process, but those elements remained unconnected and cumbersome to use.  What’s worse is that the variety of methods of communication resulted in forms and queries coming in at an increased rate and a variety of formats which additionally complicated the process.  These problems have resulted in hassles for the administrators, delays for the contractors, and the loss of money for both the company building the project and the contractors who are building it.

And Then Came Wrap Portal

In response to these challenges, Nourtek Solutions set out to create a product that would allow OCIP/CCIP administrators to handle everything in a single system.  It was definitely a tall order but with a combination of experience in programming and the insurance industry they were able to create a system that exceeded even their own expectations.   Originally called the OCMP (OCIP/CCIP Management Portal), the Wrap Portal is a complete Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

What Makes Wrap Portal so Revolutionary?

The goal of Wrap Portal is to automate data entry and management processes, so that administrators can focus on core aspects of their jobs, like making decisions and handling issues.  Wrap Portal meets these goals through a package of features that are second to none.


Web Access for all Stakeholders

One of the key features of the Wrap Portal is that it makes required paperwork simple to fill out via any web enabled device.  Do you have a subcontractor working on a build on the other side of the state?   Using Wrap Portal you set up an account where he can manage all of his paperwork from his computer either onsite, in his office, or at home.  Why is this so important?  First of all, you should never underestimate the role convenience plays in getting things done in a timely manner.  If it is easy for someone to do, they will likely do it sooner and more thoroughly.  Then, you can spend your time reviewing entries and making important decisions. But wait, there’s more! With stakeholders from owners to subcontractors putting information directly into your RMIS, the information is automatically filed and triggers necessary actions alerts upon administrator approval.

Integrated Fax and Email

One of the most time consuming aspects of any administrator’s job is sorting through correspondence and disposing of it appropriately.  The Wrap Portal helps alleviate that stress for administrators with its integrated fax and email feature.  The Wrap Portal fax/email integration is more than just an e-fax system; it is an integral part of the information management system.  Here is how it works:

  1. Administrators are assigned a unique e-mail and fax number, which filters into the administrator’s inbox as well as into the information management system.
  2. Correspondents send information to those unique locations.
  3. Wrap Portal assesses the email/fax and files it in its proper location in the system, while triggering necessary automated reactions such as sending out reminders.

By providing you with a copy in your inbox, Wrap Portal allows you to identify any exceptions to standard rules and file them according to your judgment.  However, for standard correspondence, Wrap Portal eliminates several steps freeing the administrator to focus more on exceptions and other issues that arise.

Smart Forms

Even in a heavily digital age, not everyone has access to a computer.  That is why it is critical to provide some sort of non-digital alternative for your stakeholders.  Unfortunately, providing such an alternative results in additional paperwork and data entry on behalf of your administrators.  The Wrap Portal addresses this issue by integrating ICR/OCR technology and Smart Forms.  Smart Forms are specially designed paper forms that are laid out on a grid design.  When a user fills out the form properly (i.e. rights legibly inside the blocks on the form) the form can be scanned and assessed and interpreted into machine language by optical character recognition software.  The software then renders the form as a computer document that you can approve for appropriate filing or note as incorrect and enter by hand.  This feature in Wrap Portal allows you to greatly reduce the amount of manual data entry you perform saving you time and money.

These are but a few of the features that Wrap Portal includes which help you streamline the administrative process for your building project.  This revolutionary software is designed to minimize input time, maximize the ability to collaborate with others, and manage your risks more effectively.  To learn more about how Wrap Portal can revolutionize your build request a demonstration today!

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