Complete Task Management System


Manage your Workflow With the Press of a Button

It’s 10 p.m. and you are at a conference on the East Coast, when you have an epiphany and you want your people to be working on it first thing in the morning, but how do you get the assignments to people without it getting lost in the shuffle of their morning email routine?  With limited access to email over the next couple of days, how can you get updates on the project, real time without a lot of extra hassle?

Automated task management in a web based system is the solution for you.  Our cloud based information management systems integrate a task management system to allow you to assign and track tasks from a single interface.  This means when you login you can access the lists of tasks you have assigned and find out where people are at without sending 5 emails and make three calls. This helps you to adjust workflows as necessary and saves you time so that you can be completing your own tasks.

What makes this feature especially useful is that our information management systems in addition to having all of the necessary information in a single place, they also feature Corporate Messenger,  a tool which allows you employees to communicate whether they are in the office next door or in your satellite office across the world.

To see how our task management features can help you improve you work flow contact us today!


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