Customer Relationship Management


Transform that Handshake into a Business Relationship

Every person you meet is a potential customer and every customer has the potential to not only become a repeat customer but a fan who will provide you excellent word of mouth support.  However, you make business contacts every day; on the elevator, at a conference, riding the bus, and a hundred other places where you exchange cards.  To effectively grow your network, you have to follow up and learn more about all of the new acquaintances you form both in traditional professional settings and in chance encounters.  The problems it that the sheer volume of those acquaintances can be overwhelming and lends itself to forgetting a lot of details, which in turn takes away your ability to maximize on your personal connection.

So how do you effectively manage the who, what, why, where, and how to reaches of your contact lists?  Nourtek Solutions has a Customer Relationship Management tool which can be customized to your specific needs.  It includes features to track both the contact information, but also the number of times a person has been contacted, by whom, and the results of the encounter.  This tool is a must have for any sales department managing multiple leads.  In addition, Nourtek’s CRM tool allows you to make more personal connections by connecting to your contacts social media profiles.

Would you like to see exactly how powerful our fully customizable CRM tool is?  Contact Nourtek Solutions today for a demonstration.

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