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Nourtek Solution’s mission is to work with businesses regardless of their size to meet their information management needs.   We have an intimate understanding of the unique challenges that face large enterprises from data management to information security and the skills and expertise to craft solutions that will continue to grow with you and revolutionize the way you do business. To do this we build all of our solutions on enterprise level infrastructure, with bank grade security features.  This commitment to quality and scalability means that we have a solution for you whether you are just starting out or you are an established business with a worldwide clientele.  We serve our growing and enterprise sized customers by providing:

- Designing information infrastructures to expand as their information needs grow.

- Servers licensed from RackSpace, the leader in server technology.

- Bank grade security features including 256 bit encryption for data as it is being transmitted and on the servers.

- Biometric security for the physical location of the servers.

- Information back up and redundancy procedures to prevent data loss in the event of a natural disaster.

- Customer Support to quickly and easily troubleshoot any problems you are experiencing.

Every business has its own unique needs; this is especially true for large organizations.  As your business grows and you fight your way to the top of the field your information management needs also increase.  What good is having a great software system when the infrastructure it’s sitting on is not enterprise level?

To learn more about how Nourtek Solutions can craft a solution for your enterprise request a quote today!


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