Information Safe and Secure


Protect your Data, Protect your Business

One of the major concerns about implementing cloud solutions such as SaaS based software is whether or not your information is secure.  The reality of business is that you handle a lot of very confidential information.  It is this information that allows you to do business and develop your products and services based on your clientele’s unique needs.  So needless to say your secure information falling into the wrong hands could be disastrous for your customers and for your business.  Because of this information security is Nourtek’s number one priority.  Losing your data to cyber criminals, isn’t the only threat though, natural disaster and technical difficulties can also lead to massive data loss, costing you big.  We protect your security by:

-          Offering only bank grade security applications that protect your data in transit and on our servers.

-          Partnering only with industry leading professionals to ensure that our contractors are as dedicated to security as we are.

- Only using servers in facilities with top of the line physical and electronic security features, including biometric ID scanners.

- Encrypting your data so that even if a hack occurs, your information is indecipherable.

- Employing redundancy features, so that if a natural disaster occurs your data is backed up in separate location, so that we can get you back to work as soon as possible.

- Utilizing service level agreements which serve minimize downtime any time your site crashes.

With Nourtek security features and support you can rest easy knowing that your information is safe and secure.  For more information about the security features that Nourtek offers contact us today.

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