Vendor/Customer Compliance Tracking


Compliance Tracking Made Simple

Monitoring compliance is a huge task that is of vital importance to the success of your business.  CertTrack helps you manage your compliance tracking system by automating the document review process.  It begins by electronically cataloging all incoming contracts, documents, licensures, and insurance policies and automatically filing all documents in their proper online location.  In this system, you can input your compliance threshold parameters.  When documents fall below those thresholds (i.e. are expiring or insurance levels do not meet minimum requirements) the document is assigned an alert classification and then the appropriate parties are notified via automatic email alerts.  By automating these systems you reduce administrative time spent on filing and searching for lost documents, improve and streamline notification processes, and overall improving your compliance tracking program.

The CertTrack Portal is a data management system that helps you automate your compliance management program via the following features:

  • Automatic notification features, not only notify you when a vendor or customer is out of compliance, but allows you to notify the them as well.
  • Fax and email integration features automatically file all incoming correspondence associated with the correct contracts or individuals the item pertains to.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting allows you to create customized reports on your compliance related data.
  • Corporate Messenger: Provides you with the ability to collaborate with other members of your team easily from the comfort of your desk.


These features and many more make the CertTrack Portal a data management system designed to streamline your business processes and close up the gaps in your current compliance management systems.

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