Vendor/Customer Risk management



Reduce Risk, Maximize Profit

Every time your organization interacts with suppliers, service providers, and customers, a certain level of risk is involved.  As the level of risk increases so does the number of agreements and contracts which your organization enters into to limit its risk or transfer these risks elsewhere.

One recent analysis indicated the average business executes more than 1,500 contracts and agreements each year, most of which require annual monitoring and validation to maintain proper levels of protection.  CertTrack reduces your exposure to risk by increasing the accuracy of your document tracking, monitoring, and validation process.  How? CertTrack automates the entire process, from defining your risk parameters to assessing documents to notifying parties of non-compliance.

With CertTrack, you’ll protect your profits by applying consistent and accurate risk parameters when evaluating incoming contracts, insurance policies, certificates, licenses and other risk related documents.

This unique proprietary software system will help you avoid:

  • Unintentional sharing of financial losses due to incorrect insurance endorsements.
  • Higher costs after a performance default due to incorrect bond limits or change order adjustments.
  • Fines and penalties due to the hiring of unlicensed personnel or allowing personnel licensure to lapse.


CertTrack utilizes the following features to help you put risk within your parameters:

  • Automated Notifications: Alert you, customers, and vendors any time there is a missing piece of documentation or an upcoming deadline.
  • Integrated Fax and Email: Automatically files all incoming communication with correct person, contract, or group.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting: Allows you to create customized reports to simplify the process of evaluate information.
  • Complete Task Management: Makes it easy to assign, report on, and track the completion of tasks.
  • Corporate Messenger: Provides you with the ability to collaborate with other members of your team easily from the comfort of your desk.
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