AD Hoc Reporting


Customize Your Reports

With multiple information systems, you have to do a lot of manual work to compile a comprehensive report across your different systems.  This means time that could be better spent managing your business, interacting with your customers, or even getting to take a lunch break for a change.  When you purchase an information system we work hard to integrate your existing system so that you can work with all of your data from a single interface.

While many systems can offer you such integrations, Nourtek’s information management solutions go a step further by providing you with a customized reporting module.  Our products have a set of built in reports, so that you can access reports on certain key metrics with the push of a button.  However, we know that the value of data is only limited by what you can do with it.  Therefore, we have enabled customized reporting in each of our information management systems.  This allows you to grab any data points you wish and put them in conversation with each other to discover trends that will help you drive business in and increase revenue.

To see how our customizable reports can make your life easier while helping you improve your business contact us today for a demonstration.

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