Get Completely paperless


Dig Your Way Out of That Mountain of Paper

Look around you…. How much paper is sitting on your desk right now?  For most people the answer is A LOT, and the cost of that paper is more than just what you paid to get the ream.  When you look at the paper around, think about the cost of the toner cartridges it took to print on those papers, the postage it costs to mail those papers, the hours you spent sorting those papers, and the amount of money you spend paying people to file those papers… Getting a headache yet? When you consider how much time and money you are likely spending on paper the numbers get to be staggering very quickly.  Nourtek Solutions’ business process automation products can help you reduce that staggering figure, by providing paperless solutions that let your business perform more efficiently at significant savings from your paper driven systems. Features in our products that help you reduce your paper usage are:

Smart Forms:  Completely electronic forms from creation to filing.

Automated Alerts: Ditch the memos and paper notifications on past due items, automate your alerts through email and sms messaging.

Corporate Messager:  Did you just lose that post it your neighbor left on your computer? Never worry about losing important messages again.  Corporate Messager allows you to send messages and collaborate online reducing paper costs and the time you spend looking for missing notes.

Claims Management: Insurance claims can generate a storm of paper, manage your claims using our digital information management tools and you will be saving time and money.

Complete Task Management: Assign and track the progress of a task without ever writing a note, sending an email, or exchanging a sheet of paper.

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