Intranet Portals


Combining Business Functions, Saving Time and Money

“Why can’t we have one system that does it all!?!”

With Corporate Vision Portal you can!  This business process automation  tool is an intranet portal designed to integrate all of your systems into a single program that will allow you to communicate, collaborate, and manage your workflow seamlessly.  How do we do it?  The seasoned programmers and information architects at Nourtek Solutions have worked tirelessly to create a product which integrates top of the line productivity to make your life and your work easier.   Features include:

- Corporate Dashboard:  A single customizable panel which displays your key performance indicators at log-in.

- Smart FormsOptical Character Recognition technology  paired with specially designed forms allow you to have paperwork that processes itself.

- Automated Alerts: Regardless of what format you want to send your alert in Corporate Vision Portal allows you to do so at the push of a button.

- Integrated Fax/Email: This feature simplifies the process of funneling your incoming data into your information management system.

- Corporate Messenger:  This intra-office messaging system allows your employees to collaborate quickly and effectively without opening up the security holes that come with using an outside messaging service.

Corporate Vision Portal has all of these features and many more.  What could possibly be better?  All of these great features are delivered via the web using a model called software as a service.  This model makes your information more accessible, allowing you to access your systems at any computer in the building or even at home.  With that kind of accessibility you might think that information security would be an issue.  However, at Nourtek Solutions we pride ourselves on guarding the fidelity of our customer’s information that is why we apply bank grade security features to all of our products.

To learn more about how Corporate Vision Portal can help you streamline your business and increase your profits, request a demo today!

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