Automated Alerts, Emails, SMSs, & more.


Automate ALL of your Reminders

Do you want to make sure you that your employees, customers, and vendors all get the alerts you send whether they are at their desk or not? Nourtek’s automated alert system can help you accomplish that with the simple push of a button.

Sending notifications about expiration dates, pending paperwork and other important issues can be a time consuming aspect of anyone’s job.  Nourtek wants to help you reclaim that time, and we do it by including an automated alert system in all of our information management systems.  Our system not only lets you generate customized alerts, it also automatically sends out alerts based on pre-set rules.  For instance, if you have set your system to let your employees know that their licensure will soon expire; our system will generate that notification automatically.

Could you ask for anything more????

How about the ability to send those notifications in a variety formats.  Sometimes email is not the best way to reach people, perhaps they are away from their computer, or their primary work functions don’t involve working at computer.  How do you reach these people?  Nourtek has answered that question by creating an automatic alert system that sends message by email, text message, and even on paper.

Want to see our automated alert system in action?  Contact Nourtek Solutions for a demonstration today!

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