Contractor Compliance Management


Automate your Contractor Compliance Management Program

Contractor compliance management is a major part of your risk management program.  Rigorously monitoring contractor compliance ensures that all required insurance limits and supporting insurance documents, are in place, safety regulations are being met, and that you are meeting all of your contractual obligations, thus minimizing the liability associated with a given project.  However, this can be a massive task especially if you are overseeing multiple projects.  You need an Risk Management Information System or RMIS that will facilitate filing of important compliance documents as well help you know when a contractor is out of compliance.

The Wrap Portal is that management system. It helps you automate your compliance management program via the following features:

  • Automatic notification features, not only notify you when contractor is out of compliance, but allows you to notify the contractor as well.  Notification can use sent using Email, SMS Message, Fax or Batch letter generating.
  • ACORD certificate tracking allows you to quickly and easily generate and track certificates of insurance for all contractors.
  • Fax and email integration features automatically file all incoming
  • Ad Hoc Reporting allows you to create customized reports on your compliance related data.
  • OCIP on Mobile feature allows you to be able to track contractor compliance on the go


These features and many more make the Wrap Portal a data management system designed to streamline your business processes and close up the gaps in your current compliance management systems.



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