OCIP/CCIP (Wrap-Up) CIP Software


OCIP Administration for the 21st Century

The Wrap Portal delivers a unique cutting edge solution in the Construction Risk Management and Insurance Services industry, using innovative web technology to enhance the Owner/Contractor Controlled Insurance Program administration process.  With a small investment in a minimal-risk venture, your firms can achieve a strong return-on-investment through regained time and saving in administrative costs for managing OCIP/CCIP programs.  It can also help the brokerage firm’s capacity to grow in size while utilizing minimal administrative staff to support the programs.

Traditional methods of administering OCIPs require that all information go through a central administrator and that administrator has to handle all of the input, filing, tracking, and handling of that information.  Under the Wrap Portal model, brokers have ability to easily create a new portal interface for each program and give access to all stakeholders involved.  The system will guide the contractors through easy step by step instructions in helping enroll into a project, while still allowing the administrator to review documents to ensure accuracy and completion.  By using secure web-enabled technology, Wrap Portal accelerates the complex time intensive process involved in tracking critical data points and enrolling contractors under the OCIP/CCIP.   This system also gives instant access to vital real-time information, using secure data transmission protocols to owners, administrators, and contractors with consistency and accuracy from any internet ready location.

By allowing all stakeholders to access the system (with varying permission levels that limit their access to only the information they need to access) the Wrap Portal eliminates the bottleneck created by centralizing all administrative duties with one or two people.

For additional information, please visit www.wrapportal.com


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