Safety Compliance

Fast and Easy Safety Compliance Solutions

The safety of all individuals involved in your project is paramount, not just from a legal standpoint, but also from the personal standpoint.  In order  to protect the safety of all participants in a project, it is key to closely monitor that all standards are being strictly adhered to.  Wrap Portal provides you with a means of doing this quickly and effectively.  Take a look at some of the features that the Wrap Portal has to simply your safety compliance program:

  • OCIP on mobile allows contractors to fill out safety related documents anywhere they are including, onsite.
  • Smart forms make it quick and easy to fill in all necessary documents, and then they automatically file themselves with the correct project.
  • Ad Hoc reporting allows you to create customized reports to track safety related information.
  • Automated Alerts allow you to notify all stakeholders of lapses in safety related documentation. Notifications can be sent via email, sms, fax, or batch letter.
  • Fax and Email integration features ensure that all written correspondence on safety issues is immediately filed with its correct project.


The automation provided by the Wrap Portal makes tracking safety compliance a breeze.  Contractors can do updates and file paperwork from wherever they are and submit it, giving you real time information on all safety compliance related paperwork.



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