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According to recent survey conducted by Google, Android is the most popular platform for Smartphone users.  To be exact 39% of all mobile users are using an Android device, up 11% from 2011.   In addition to their large market share, the Google Play Store is more flexible in its guidelines.  Furthermore, open source coding featured on Android platforms allows for ease of development not allowed on closed platforms.  What all of this means for those who are looking to create applications, is that Android applications are a relatively easy entry point to the application game that gives access to a significant portion of the mobile market.

Nourtek Solutions is a company dedicated to developing top of the line applications whether they are desktop or mobile.  Our information architects are skilled programmers with the experience needed to create a stellar application that will help you make a splash in the mobile world.

Whether you are looking to create an app for business or pleasure, Nourtek has the solution for you.  Contact us today to get a quote!



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