Mobile Application Development


According to a recent study by Google, smartphone penetration in the United States has reached 44%.  That means that roughly 44% of Americans have a smartphone.  While the Google study did not include tablets, Tech Crunch recently reported a 47% penetration rate on tablets, and approximately $2.6 billion on apps.  With nearly half of all Americans on mobile devices and spending billions of dollars on apps, no business can afford to ignore this emerging market. You might be thinking that you have a website, with cell phones that can get on the internet isn’t that enough?  It isn’t for two major reasons.  First, is that your website is designed for the screen sizes and computing power associated with desktop and laptop computers.   Mobile devices have smaller screens and have different capabilities, which means that your content isn’t going to come across in the same way.  Common problems include pages to big for the screen, which require users to scroll a lot right to left and zoom in and out on your text, content that is painfully slow to load on devices without as much computing power as a desk top, and rich media formats that won’t load at all on certain platforms.  Secondly, many websites fail to offer interactive components which drive engagement with your brand.  With an app you can create a way for the user to actively engage with your product  and brand where ever they go, keeping you at the forefront of their mind. The efficacy of this is demonstrated in the aforementioned Google study which says that the average smartphone user has 28 different apps on their phones.

To help you make the most of this emerging market, Nourtek Solutions offers Dallas’ fines mobile application development services to help you create apps for all platforms and mobile optimized websites that give you access to your customers as they go about their daily lives.

Gaming Applications

Mobile gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, because as people move to mobile devices as their primary computer, they want the entertainment features to come with them.  You are surrounded every day by mentions, advertising for, and merchandise for some of the most popular games on mobile.  Gaming apps are a way to keep your name on people’s lips and spread your message.  In addition, there is tremendous potential for monetizing your online games through advertising.  Google states that 56% of users are more likely to notice advertising within a game than on a traditional website.  The higher awareness results in more clicks which makes more money for you as the game owner.   Nourtek provides you with access to some of the brightest minds in the mobile gaming development field, with a record of top performing games.

Enterprise Applications

Apps aren’t all fun and games, they can also be powerful tools for business.  One of the advantages of the mobile revolution is the ability to do business on the go.  Enterprise apps facilitate professional’s ability to do so.  Whether you are looking to create an app which improves your productivity internally or want to put out an application for users which showcases your unique capabilities to the customers who use your products, Nourtek Solutions’ mobile application development group can provide you with an app that will provide users with a user-friendly experience that will allow them to productive where ever they go.

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