Web Application Development

The web is no longer a place where you go to get information, it is a community where you can do business, store information, communicate with your customers, and much much more.  That is why, if the extent of your web use is having a website so people can find you, you are short changing yourself.   One way that you can utilize the web is to have web based applications.  The use of web applications is limitless… you can have games for marketing, a web based enterprise resource planning system, an inter office communication platform, a social media management tool, a content management system for your website.

Usable Design

At Nourtek Solutions our business is building web applications, whether you are looking at one of our established products such as Wrap Portal, or you are looking to build a custom application, Nourtek is the company for you.  As Dallas’ premier web development firm, we build applications with your users in mind, our information architects strive to build applications with intuitive user interfaces that make training and every day use of your application simple.  Our usable interfaces are paired with expertly constructed relational databases which make processing your information and accessing reports an efficient process.


Information security is a major issue today.  As business customer trust you with some of their most sensitive information, it is your responsibility protect that information.  In addition, your data is what help you drive business and meet customer needs.  Nourtek understands the power and importance of data in today’s information driven culture.  That is why our web developers make security our top priority in all of our projects.  We utilize bank grade security measures to ensure that your information is secure; both in transit on our servers.  In addition, we utilize only industry leaders in the server with proven safety records.  Your servers will be not only behind digitally secure firewalls, but also in physically secure buildings with top of the line security measures including biometric identification systems.   These secure facilities and our expert technicians work round the clock to make sure that your information is safe from hackers, computer failure, and any natural disasters.  Our redundancy and back up protocols ensure that if disaster does strike your system will be available quickly, with all of your information intact.

Integrating Legacy Systems

Do you already have a software system in place?  Want the flexibility of the web without giving up the data and training you have invested in that system?  Nourtek’s web development teams can integrate legacy systems into your web applications, by establishing protocols to exchange information between the web application and your existing system.  This is done by taking existing computer software, built in Visual Basic (VB), Microsoft Access (MS Access), or other similar programs, and recreating them in a web based environment.

Agile Development

According to some studies roughly 75% of software projects fail.  We believe this is mainly due software companies not understanding the intrinsic value of software development documentation and design, which play an important part in establishing the scope of development before the development starts.  Many companies are short sighted; simply jumping into development before establishing in detail what is being developed.  This leads to unnecessary changes in scope down the road that end up costing the customer money and lead to inferior software products.  Nourtek Solutions employs a web development method which focuses heavily on having a detailed understanding of a customer’s needs and wants before beginning a project.  The first step to our development process is to sit down with your company to get a detailed plan of what you expect and need, taking into account your company’s unique situation.

Once a thorough understanding of your needs is established, Nourtek Solutions employs an Agile Development model, to bring your vision to life.  What this means is that we develop your software piece by piece, to allow you to look at how it functions, and if it meets your needs.  If you approve the model then our development team moves on to the next piece of the puzzle, but if you feel changes need to be made, we work until we get it right.  This method allows for flexibility in the process and provides room for changes if your needs evolve throughout the project.

Each business is unique and Nourtek Solutions is committed to meeting your company’s unique needs.  To learn more about how we can help you build a web application to enhance your business, contact us today!

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