There are a lot of fantastic reasons to use offshore outsourcing for your I.T. needs.  It is cost efficient and it provides you with some of the brightest minds that the world has to offer.  The problem is that along with those bright minds come the challenges of communicating over language and cultural barriers, not to mention the hassles that come along with managing time differences.

So, how do you utilize the high quality low cost human resources available overseas without the challenges that come with a long-distance, cross-cultural working relationship? Nourtek Solutions has answered this question by creating services that are an in country/offshore outsourcing hybrid.  This is how it works: you meet with Nourtek project managers and solution architects state side and together you create a blueprint of a solution that will meet your needs.  Then, a team of highly trained programmers in India go to work making your collaborative vision come to life.  Our offshore services don’t stop at the production stage though, we also have hybrid services for the quality assurance phase and application maintenance.  Nourtek has several years of experience in this model and working with these teams, which means that we already have the protocols and infrastructure in place to effectively collaborate with our offshore teammates.

The advantages to this solution are clear, you have access to some of the brightest programmers that India has to offer, at significant savings, and a stateside team that you can easily connect with to help architect solutions that will exceed your expectations.  You will also have the distinct advantage of around the clock support, because with two teams on opposite sides of the world, someone is always hard at work on your solutions.

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