Cloud Computing


Are You Already on the Cloud?

What is Cloud Computing?

Chances are you have heard the phrase “It’s in the cloud” used in advertising of late and wondered to yourself, “What is the cloud?” Cloud computing is a new trend in technology where data and programs are stored in central servers easily accessible (usually through the internet) to users. This is not a new concept, if you have a web based email address or have ever used a program that you didn’t have to download to your local machine you have used versions of cloud computing.

How can Cloud Computing help my business?

There are many advantages to Cloud Computing for businesses of all sizes. The most important is reduced cost. With Cloud Computing, you are required to purchase less hardware and your software can be rented on a plan based on your usage. This means lower start up costs and lower costs on maintaining equipment. In addition, you save on the space and manpower required to maintain your own servers and networks. Another benefit is accessibility, with the cloud you can access your applications and data from home, at the airport, or any where you need to go.

Is my data safe on the Cloud?

In many cases, your data is safer in the Cloud than in your own server room. Data centers that specialize in Cloud computing are in the business of protecting people’s information from system failure, hacking attempts, and natural disasters. Our partners for cloud computing provide redundancy services that frequently (several times a day) back up your data to ensure that any failure in equipment does not interfere with your business. In addition they provide top of the line security features to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

How can Nourtek Solutions help me get on the Cloud?

Nourtek provides several services that utilize Cloud Computing. Many of our basic services are offered on the Software as a Service model meaning that we create programs that can be used on the web without requiring you to purchase a license or a disk. In addition, Nourtek can help you build your website, as well as web and mobile application in ways that utilize the Cloud. With Nourtek and Cloud Computing you can employ solutions that you never even dreamed were possible with minimal capital and maximum return on your investment.

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