Open Source Software Development


What is Open Source Software?

Many software companies distribute finished products where you are unable to see the underlying code that makes a program work.  With Open Source Software, programmers distribute their source code alongside the finished product.  The availability of the code allows user communities to develop patches and updates to the software.

Why does Nourtek Solutions utilize Open Source technologies in their development process?

There are many good reasons to use open source technology for certain products.  One of the primary reasons is cost effectiveness.  When you use proprietary products, you have to pay licensing fees and often have to purchase add-ons to get the full functionality of your applications.  Open Source technologies are often low cost or free thus reducing the overall cost of your application development.  In addition, due to the collaborative nature of Open Source Software development, updates and security patches are often produced faster than through proprietary products.  The final, and perhaps most important reason is that Open Source technologies, operate across platforms.  That means that whether you are a P.C., Mac, or Linux user that your software will work with very little effort.  At Nourtek Solutions, we believe in using the best tools for each and every software development project.  Use of Open Source Software in our software development process gives us the tools we need to be a leader in software development in the Dallas area.

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