Three Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Sales

The holiday season means a dramatic increase in spending for the average consumer. The challenge for business during this season is to claim their share of that increased traffic and boost their sales figures.  This challenge seems especially daunting in the online space, as vendors have millions of competitors who are only a click away.  So how does an online business maximize their opportunities for a successful holiday season?  Below are 3 simple ways that you can use to help bolster sales for online stores:

  1. Upgrade your web hosting service:  Increased traffic is fantastic; it means that lots of people are on a site.  However, if there is inadequate server capacity, that can lead to slower loading times and an eventual crash.  However, brief periods of increased traffic likely do not justify a lot of extra server capacity.  That’s why many webhosts now have a flexible option where they can expand your server space automatically during higher traffic periods and reduce it again when your traffic returns to normal.  These plans are charged based on usage, so if you never use the additional space you don’t have to pay for it.  However, if you get a spot on the local news and suddenly everyone has to have your product you are covered!
  2. Frequent site testing:  It’s a harsh reality of the online space that consumers have little to no patience with technical difficulties.  If your website isn’t working properly, they are just a click away from one that is working.   As a result, you are unlikely to know there is a problem until you have lost enough customers for you to notice a pattern on your analytics. To avoid massive customer loss especially during the holiday season, periodically use your site the way a customer would.  This is a good way to spot broken links, slow loading time, and any problems with your online checkout system.  The sooner you find these problems, the sooner you can get them fixed allowing you to capitalize on more visits to your site.  Remember, web sites aren’t just set it and forget it types of tools, they require maintenance and that maintenance is one of your best tools for increasing web sales.
  3. Beef up SEO efforts: You do have an SEO campaign right??? If not, check out this blog and this one.  For those that do already have an SEO campaign, the holiday season is a good time to step up your efforts.  After all, how can someone buy from you if they can’t find you? One way to do this would be to target keywords for some of your top holiday products.  That way when people go looking for that product, your name is more likely to come up.  In addition, this might be a great time to invest in some Pay Per Click advertising or some social media ads.  Remember its all about getting people’s attention, once you do that you just have to do what you do best, sell your product.

Not sure how to do any of this?  It might be time to call in some expert help.  Nourtek Solutions specializes in solutions for small business, to get help with any of the above suggestions or learn more about our services contact us today!

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