USSD Making Mobile Safer and More Reliable

As more and more people drop their desktops and laptops for mobile devices, the need to deliver effective business services in the mobile space becomes more and more imperative.   When delivering business services, there are three important factors to consider security, reliability, and effectiveness.  Mobility experts have made great strides in providing all three over the past few years.  One of the biggest strides has been the advent of USSD technology.

What is USSD?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.  It is a type of communications protocol being used by many mobile providers to provide more secure and stable information exchanges in the mobile space.  It is a means for mobile device to communicate with a server seamlessly.   It does this by creating a session with the device, and sending messages directly between the server and the phone during the active session.  The session method allows providers to encrypt data.  In addition because you have a direct connection and messages are sent directly from device to server without being stored, it is more reliable than other types of information protocols.

How is USSD different than SMS?

SMS or Short Message System is a type of mobile messaging as well.  However, it operates a little differently than USSD.   When a person sends an SMS text message, the text is stored and then sent.  This method means that occasionally the message does not get through to its intended recipient, for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the best way of describing the difference between SMS is that it is the difference between calling someone’s home and leaving a message with a roommate versus calling and talking directly to the person.  Sure about 95% of the time the person you are calling will get the message, and it is unlikely that prying eyes will look on it.  However, when you speak directly to the person that you intended to, communication happens faster and more effectively 100% of the time.  In business, this 100% certainty that your message will get where it needs to be and that the information will be secure is absolutely critical to day to day functions of your business.

Who is using USSD?

USSD currently has a number of uses on the market.  One of the primary users of USSD protocols is the banking industry.  The direct session approach allows for the level of security required to safeguard personal and financial information.  In addition, the mobile payment industry uses USSD heavily as well.  Regulations on all parts of the finance sector make security top priority for anyone handling your money.  USSD provides that security, by allowing for additional layers of encryption and enabling the use of passwords.  However, the finance industry is not the only business that uses this technology.  Other uses include, mobile gaming, online shopping, and even setting up a mobile portal for your enterprise resource planning system.  As with most of the technological developments of our age, the only limit to its applications is the imagination of those trying to use.

How can you use USSD Technology?

Do you have need for a stable and secure communication protocol for your business?  Perhaps you are looking to launch a mobile payment application, or maybe you just need a mobile application for some of your business automation software.  Nourtek Solutions specializes in the development of stable and secure business applications both for desktop and mobile use.  Our skilled programmers can build an application that utilizes USSD protocols for you.  For more information on how Nourtek can provide you with a top of the line application, contact us today.

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