Will Your Traffic Capacity Grow With You?

Right now your website runs like a well oiled machine, everything loads quickly and customers never have problems during check out.  So to boost business you have a one of a kind can’t miss sell, and suddenly your website stops performing.  What happened?  Many small business owners don’t realize, that the more people that try to access your website, the more resources your server uses.  Each time a person comes to your website, the server has to send out information.  While a server can handle multiple information requests a million times better than a human brain and a thousand times better than an average computer, eventually even a server will reach its maximum capacity.  So how do you manage server resources so that you are sure your website is always operating at maximum efficiency even during high traffic periods?  Utilize cloud hosting.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is model for providing website hosting services, which emphasizes flexibility and 24 hour support.  Essentially, a business owner uses a subscription model to pay for their web hosting services.  Instead of paying for the use of a single server to host their website, businesses pay for a certain amount of bandwidth across multiple servers that expand with their traffic.  The amazing part is that they only pay for the amount of bandwidth they are using.  So, if you are experiencing low traffic and not using all of the bandwidth available to you, you pay less than during periods where more people are using your website.

Why is this so effective?

Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages over traditional hosting models:

Cost effectiveness.  If your website has variable traffic flow, buying space on multiple servers could be cost prohibitive, because you don’t need all of the computing power all of the time, you just need a little extra oomph during peak hours.  The pay for what you use model employed in cloud hosting lets manage the cost of your hosting services more effectively, without sacrificing your website’s performance.

Enhanced website performance. Simply put the more computing resources at your disposal the better your website functions.  With cloud hosting options in place customers will experience optimal load times even during peak hours.  In addition, the use of several different servers means that a failure in one, will not take down your whole website. One of the number one causes of cart abandonment is technical problems with the website.  With cloud hosting you greatly reduce the likelihood of site failure leading to a decrease in sales.

24 Hour Tech Support. Every minute that your online store is down, you are losing money and potential customers.  An advantage of cloud hosting is that many of the server centers have 24/7 technicians to rectify problems quickly and effectively to ensure that in the unlikely event that your site does go completely down, that you are back in business as quickly as possible.

Are you interested in a cloud hosting solution for your business? Nourtek Solutions can help!  At Nourtek we have relationships with the best cloud service providers in the industry.  We can help you coordinate your move to cloud hosting services from inception to project completion.  For more information on our managed cloud hosting services contact us today!

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